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Sofas & benches




  Bo Luang Long Sofa 39B

Bo Luang Long Sofa 39B (as shown 155x70cm; available in many sizes)


  Lak Lai Sofa 47C

Lak Lai Sofa 47C

 Hall Bench   Hall Bench


Chairs & Sets

  Nong Yao Chairs and Table 4C

Nong Yao Chairs & Table (50x70x55cm)4C


  Hue Pong Chairs and Table 8B

Huae Pong Chairs & Table 8B


  Tha-Thon Chairs and Table 5B

Tha-Thon Chairs & Table (130x80x75cm) 5B


  Pa Pae Chairs and Table 6C

Pa Pae Chairs & Table (120x70x55cm) 6C



Tables & desks



  Na Wai Desk 15B

Na Wai Desk 15B 150x80x80cm


  Pak Yang Buffet 44B

Pak Yang Buffet44B (180x50x120cm)

Mi Chai Show Table 46A (120x60x75cm; glass not included)    Mi Chai Show Table 46A




  Kae Noi Buffet 14B

Kae Noi Buffet 14B (230x50x220cm)


  Sok Jan Buffet 29A

Sok Jan Buffet 29A (110x60x220cm)






Gong Loi Bed 45B (90x190cm) & night tables    Gong Loi Bed 45B




Sukhothai Gazebo 43B (480cm; including table and 3 lights)    Sukhothai Gazebo 43B



 Rocking Horse   Rocking Horse