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Of course we like what we do, but we don't like advertising description.
So just say our products are wonderful, strong, surprising...

We built them from a wide variety of old wood collected throughout Thailand. We also use old wood from farm's equipments. We only use the best quality piece of wood. Most of these pieces are older than 30 years. Time has made the wood to become almost waterproof and very hard.

All our production depends on the collection and selection of wood. Finding the finest pieces of old wood isn't easy but we have organized the collection to supply you with the best choice possible.

There are three very different series in our collection, for example, our Andaman serie depends on collecting rare pieces of tree trunks washed off by the ocean on beaches.

On your demand, you can receive through internet or email the pictures of new items already built and our best price. Each piece we build can be very unique. We guaranty the success of decorating your house and garden.

We can also provide special and customized order, so feel free to send us your own designs or needs.

We'll enjoy sharing with you this unbelievable style, so we are ready to give you our best to satisfy you and surprise your customers.

Welcome to the R obinson's Wooden Art